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Perfect Pricing Calculator for Virtual Assistants

Many Virtual Assistants and freelancers begin their pricing strategy by matching the average industry price, looking at their competition, or undercutting rivals … Successful Business Owners don’t

Whether you’re a new business, or looking to review your prices, this spreadsheet workbook will take you through each step to finding your perfect pricing strategy, including:

  • How to convert an employed salary to a freelance hourly rate, so you can start up with confidence
  • How to explain the difference between those rates to a client
  • Why you shouldn’t charge your industry average
  • How to work out your hourly rate for the lifestyle you want

We'll then set some targets for your business based on the pricing you've calculated. By entering the actual values you achieve over the next 12 months you can view it on the built in dashboard 

The calculator allows you to enter a salary that you want to find an equivalent freelance rate for. It will work out what it should be allowing for holidays/time off and for the number of hours you can work. We'll then go through the costs that your business has and add this to your recommended hourly rate.

This is compared to the additional costs that an employer has to pay such as NI and pension so you can explain away any client queries on your rate and be confident about what you've chosen.


The calculator then redoes the rate based on the lifestyle you actually want, not the one some paid job says you should have.

Then we're ready to start some planning. Enter your monthly targets for your Turnover, Profit, New Customers, Days Off and up to 3 other KPIs you want to keep an eye on.

We then set some monthly targets and there's places for your enter your actual income and expenses so you can track the outcome on the built in dashboard.


This spreadsheet works best on a PC. The dashboard summary doesn't work as well on a Mac.

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Perfect Pricing Calculator and Target Tracker

Whether you’re a new business, or looking to review your prices, this spreadsheet workbook will take you through each step of finding your perfect pricing strategy.

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